The BizzMine Scheduling Agent

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The BizzMine Scheduling Agent registers recurring (static or workflow) collection instances. Instead of registering them manually on a daily, weekly, monthly... basis, you can automate your processes and get de the work done. 

BizzMine Scheduling Agent

What are the benefits?

  • You eliminate human errors like forgetting something or input of incorrect data…
  • With the automatic reminders you always know exactly what has to be done, you know the due date and you get the correct information.
  • You save a lot of time not needing to enter the data manually.
  • You have a clear overview of all future registrations (e.g. the planning of your audit calendar) and you can easily verify when the last successful run was.


Scheduling Agent

Some good examples of scheduling processes. 

  • Weekly meetings
  • Audit calendar
  • Weekly, monthly... calibration or maintenance of instruments, devices or machines.
  • Recurring checks/tasks like backup verification
  • Enter KPI data from external sources on a monthly basis
  • Recurring costs
  • Periodic safety inspections or audits
  • Periodic reminders of payments to be made

How does it work?

As soon as you have a license for this option you can start creating 'Scheduling Widgets' in BizzMine. Per widget, you can determine which Collections (static or workflow) you want to manage and assign permissions to the users in your organization. You can add these widgets on whatever dashboard you want, just like with all other widgets in BizzMine.

This makes it really easy to give access to the different types of scheduled instances for specific people. Think of one scheduling widget in which you can manage all scheduled processes. And a second in which you can only see and manage the audit calendar or the planned maintenance of your machines.


Users can easily register and maintain recurring registrations in the front-end interface of BizzMine. The user keys in the required data of the scheduled item into the form, just like you would do for another new instance. The second step is to determine the recurrence pattern: every day, every day of the workweek at 8:30 AM or even more complex patterns like the second Thursday of the odd month at 5:00 PM etc.

Feel free to drop a message if you would like to discuss this option with someone from the BizzMine Customer Success Team, or if you would like to test it for free.

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