BizzMine and VARIO join forces in the digitalization of QHSE


BizzMine and VARIO (Incerta) today announce their collaboration. Investment company Fortino Capital acquired a significant stake in BizzMine early last year and now supports this merger. The 3 parties have big plans and strongly believe in the synergy of quality management software and safety software.

The merger of BizzMine and VARIO is a step that supports our goal of becoming a leader in the QHSE market. The focus on Quality, Safety and Environment is increasing, and we are taking that opportunity. BizzMine and VARIO are leaders in their fields and Fortino is excited to put its shoulders to the wheel. - Jeroen Van Godtsenhoven, Partner at Fortino Capital 
The need is high

In times of uncertainty, the demand for QHSE (Quality Health Safety Environment) software is high. Proper tracking of complaints, monitoring quality in the transportation of medicines, reducing industrial accidents, correctly complying with environmental legislation, or obtaining ISO certificates... These are just some of the applications that BizzMine and VARIO bring to the market. Users of BizzMine and VARIO users are not only covering risks better, but also strongly increasing the transparency and efficiency of their organization. 

Perfect synergy

Together, the two Flemish companies form an ideal software tandem. BizzMine is a digital platform for quality management (QMS) that enables organizations to centralize and manage all data related to complaints, audits, documents, training, etc. VARIO is a trendsetter in software for the management of safety, prevention, and well-being in the workplace and facilitates the acquisition and maintenance of a VCA or ISO certificate. With their combined knowledge and experience, they can now address a wide range of sectors and respond to the growing demand for a SaaS solution for Quality and Safety Management. With 900 customers in more than 40 countries, Flanders has gained an ambitious digital player that takes a leading role in the QHSE market.

"By joining forces with BizzMine, a complementary QMS company, and partnering with Fortino as a strategic investment company, we are positioning ourselves for unprecedented international growth in the QHSE market. This powerful combination will enable us to offer a broader range of innovative solutions, expand our reach into new markets, and provide unparalleled customer support. In this way, we will not only grow our QHSE business, but also revolutionize the industry and seek to shape the future of QHSE together.
- Chris Heyndrickx, Managing Director VARIO 

Together strong, 1+1+1=5

Sinds Fortino Capital een klein jaar geleden in het Since Fortino Capital joined BizzMine less than a year ago, the team has experienced the positive dynamics of this collaboration. The growth acceleration immediately became concrete and international, the enthusiasm and confidence of the employees are increasing, and great progress is being made in sales, marketing, HR, corporate structure, reporting, etc. As of today, Fortino's experience and know-how will be further applied to actively support the expansion of the united team. To continue the growth, the current team of 60 employees will be significantly increased.

" With VARIO joining BizzMine, our solid growth story gets a big boost. The market is increasingly demanding solutions for integrated management systems, which we can now offer perfectly together. We also complement each other very well in terms of solutions for specific industries. We want to use our experience in international expansion to open up new markets at home and abroad with a broader product portfolio. Our goal is to become a leading European player in the coming years."

- Peter De Brabandere, Founder BizzMine