BizzMine, a very accessible tool for DeLaval

CAPA Management Document Control Manufacturing

DeLaval Belgium as well has chosen BizzMine for the digitization of their quality system. QA Manager Mieke van Nieuwenhove explains how easy it is to monitor all CAPA and change control processes with the software. “BizzMine is an application that is very accessible to all employees. Everyone knows exactly which tasks and actions to perform, because they are clearly presented in the system”. Each CAPA or change has its own story and can be consulted by all employees of the company. The dashboards are visually very strong and useful for the analyzes that have to be made.

 BizzMine is very accessible to all employees.

Moreover, DeLaval appreciates the user-friendly interface of the software. “Once you’ve drawn up the first processes, you quickly notice what else you want to use the system for, because you can easily adapt BizzMine to your own needs”, says Mieke van Nieuwenhove. She is currently setting up DeLaval’s document management in BizzMine and is considering integrating the audit and calibration processes into the application as a next step. And she is very satisfied with the help and support she gets from the helpdesk.


Van Nieuwenhove Mieke, QA Manager


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