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The Belgian food company Fresh & Saucy Foods produces more than 120 sauce recipes and exports them all over the world. As proper management and keeping track of all relevant documents became a major challenge, the company decided to work on a digital quality system. Michiel Pauwels and Kaat Slabbaert explain why they chose BizzMine and describe their experience with the software.

BizzMine is customisable and modular. You can easily configure your quality processes yourself, completely tailored to your business. You set the pace, because you can build everything systematically.

The need for an eQMS

We used to work with many different Excel files and lists, which we were forced to store in Sharepoint or Dropbox. As a result, we lost track of all our technical sheets and certificates and didn't know if we still had all the data.

In our search for good digital document management software, the following criteria were important to us:

- How open is the system to work with?
- How easily can we make changes ourselves?
- Can we easily connect the software to our ERP package so that we don't have to enter or manage our data twice?

It turned out that BizzMine met all of these requirements. We saw the ability to configure all of our lists in the software and knew that our quality staff could make the necessary adjustments themselves, without any technical IT knowledge. We chose intuitive software at an affordable price.

Document Control with workflow

We now keep all our technical data sheets, certificates, supplier questionnaires, customer information, contact information, emergency contacts,... of raw materials or finished goods in BizzMine. We deliberately keep the workflow simple: we work with only 1 verification step, which is the approval by the quality department. This way we keep the system simple and logical for our employees.

In addition, from now on we also process all complaints in BizzMine. Internal complaints, supplier complaints, and customer complaints are now efficiently registered and much better tracked than before.

Gradually, more and more information is added to BizzMine and we convert all our lists to BizzMine. If you first carefully work out what is needed for the quality process, how you want to design it, and what your goal is, you can set everything up smoothly.

The biggest advantages of BizzMine

Besides saving time and centralising data, the fact that everything is connected is a big plus. For example, we have a direct connection to our ERP system for our filling products. Item sheets can be viewed directly, any quality questions answered, and photos added. Our quality department can check what our production department has produced and verify that the information on the item sheet is correct.

Full traceability of data is crucial for us. All you have to do is enter an item number in BizzMine and you can immediately see when it was last filled, what label it has, and what the expiration date is, ... Now that we have a solid documented record, errors are caught and corrected much faster.

Plans for the future

In the meantime, we are already planning to integrate our competency matrix into BizzMine's training module. At the moment we are still working in Excel for this, but we see the added value of the digital solution and would like to work on it.

Kaat Slabbaert - Quality Officer
Michiel Pauwels - IT & Digital

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