Group de Cloedt is so much better organized with VARIO


Group De Cloedt is active internationally in five domains: Granulates, ready-mixed concrete, environmental and soil remediation, dredging and offshore services. They respond to the market conditions, which change daily, and to the evolutions in the global economy. 

Group De Cloedt proactively supports its divisions in function of growth and value creation, focusing on sustainable development and respect for its customers, employees and other stakeholders.

VARIO Online has made us much more organized. With half of the efforts we have made in the past, we are now 10 times more organized.

Setting up and properly monitoring our quality, safety and environmental care systems (including preparations for internal and external audits) takes a lot of time, energy and attention. In these efforts, a clear view is necessary and of great importance to us.

With VARIO Online, we save 900 man-hours per year

For us, VARIO is the skeleton that supports all our general and company-specific systems and documents. Some of VARIO’s benefits that are especially valuable to us include the division of different chapters into modules, the library that is conveniently subdivided into sections, the clear-cut personnel management, the automatic entry of forms, checklists, toolboxes and workplace inspections, the option for different types of user administration, the action list’s track-and-trace function, the reminder settings related to training courses, the test modules etc.

The cooperation with their Dossier Manager also went very well—professional, smooth and pleasant. All deadlines were strictly adhered to. They have a clear view of the care systems and are also open to suggestions for improvement.

So, we can definitely recommend VARIO to all who recognize themselves in our story.

Mr. Pieter Van Parys, Safety Officer - Group de Cloedt


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