The importance of BizzMine for SONGWON

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Songwon Industrial Group is the second-largest manufacturer and supplier of polymer stabilizers in the world. Headquartered in Korea, the company operates globally and provides customers in over 60 countries with chemical products for a wide variety of sectors and industries. Benjamin Grob, Head of Global Quality Assurance, talks about his experience of migrating from Vivaldi 5.0 to BizzMine.

When you work in an international environment and your users are all over the world, the software you need to have must be user-friendly and easily accessible.

As a key user without much knowledge about IT, Vivaldi 5.0 was the best software you could use. Our main goal was to handle customer complaints, but outside Quality Assurance, we also implemented a business approval process in Vivaldi 5.0. After two years, we realized that in order to move forward in terms of quality we needed a new application. So, we were relieved when we heard that Vivaldi 5.0 was being upgraded to the new web-based and more user-friendly platform, BizzMine.

We were one of the first companies to upgrade to BizzMine. Although I was a little apprehensive at first, the migration went smoothly for us. Jordy and his team at BizzMine took care of all the work and we didn’t lose any of SONGWON’s data or records. Having trends and history in one tool is a must for us and after the migration was completed, we were very happy to see that all our history from Vivaldi 5.0 was properly migrated in BizzMine.

Of course, at first, we had to learn to use the new system and that took us a little time because the setup was completely new. Meanwhile, we’re all very well accustomed to BizzMine, even our key users. Now, one of our flow managers can easily change the flow and develop processes without having to bring in an outside consultant or any external expertise. The fact that this can all be done by us internally is one of the biggest advantages of BizzMine for us.

Some of our quality processes are used at all of our sites worldwide. Therefore, having a web-based browser system is essential for SONGWON. We have 8 different processes that run in BizzMine which are a mix of business and quality processes. In addition to complaint management, we have also created some business approval processes and we recently implemented document control. Some of our approvals go all the way up to SONGWON’s top management so everyone in the organization is involved with BizzMine. Also, because it’s a web-based application, external companies can also have access to certain processes. It’s easy for us to create a data flow between SONGWON and third parties, allow them access to what they need and let them upload the documents they create.

We’ve already done a lot in BizzMine and we aren’t finished yet. We are continuously adding new business or approval flows to BizzMine. With regards to document management, we’re currently working on local document integration. Soon every SONGWON site should be able to upload documents in their own language and manage them locally.

Finally, BizzMine has nicer dashboards compared to Vivaldi 5.0. There are dashboards on charts, overviews and so on which are very useful. It’s clear from all the progress I’ve seen since we started until today, that the BizzMine team is continually developing all the functionalities and optimizing the platform.


Benjamin Grob, Leader Global Quality Assurance

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