Hazardous substances

This module supports your company in the management and control of hazardous substances and the associated safety measures.

Why hazardous materials management is necessary

With the complexity of modern business operations, safety is paramount, especially when dealing with hazardous materials.

To ensure a safe working environment, you must carefully identify risks, take appropriate measures, and comply with legal requirements.

With this module from VARIO, you can perfectly manage and control all hazardous substances and related safety measures.

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KBS Certification (OVAM)

Collectors, waste dealers or brokers of hazardous waste must have and operate according to an up-to-date, approved quality assurance system (KBS). After all, an insufficient KBS may result in your registration being suspended. In addition to certain guidelines and a list of responsibilities, the KBS must also contain many specific working methods.

Don’t worry, we can assist you quickly by adding and writing out the necessary working methods.


How VARIO can be your guide to informed and safe substance use

Comprehensive product list  

Compile a list of all the hazardous substances your company uses and get a good overview of the potential risks.


 Detailed   properties  

Keep track of all the important characteristics of each product. This is essential if you want to understand the nature of the risks.

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   SDS supplier    sheets

Link Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for substances supplied by suppliers. This will provide you with detailed safety information.


Compliance with GHS standards

Use hazard and precautionary statements in accordance with the EU standard of the Globally Harmonised System (GHS). This ensures consistent and understandable labelling.

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Pictograms and instruction cards

Use standardized hazard pictograms to define risk characteristics and raise employee awareness. The automatic publication of safety cards makes the information central and accessible.


Clear safety guidelines

Establish clear guidelines for safe use, first aid, and firefighting. Also, provide personal protective equipment to ensure safety measures.


A structured approach for more safety

The Hazardous Substances module is an indispensable tool for modern companies working with hazardous materials.

Not only can you address risks and manage actions in a much more structured way, but you also work in compliance with safety standards and regulations.

By using these functionalities, you as a company can ensure the safety of your employees, meet legal obligations, and minimize reputational risks.

Choose VARIO today and put the safety of your work environment first.

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