Anwa Medical Labs

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Anwa Medical Labs, a clinical lab in Saudi Arabia, has implemented BizzMine for its inspection processes and quality management. Dr. Ghadir Almuhaini explains that the software makes it very easy to be on top of everything once you have all the processes set within BizzMine. The tool is particularly useful in a context of many requirements coming from accrediting bodies.

The fact that you can configure literally any process that you want, makes it very easy to automate a lot of our processes and actually document them.

BizzMine is not an out-of-the-box solution. It's a highly configurable solution because you can just create any workflow that you want. Once you get the hang of it and actually understand how it works, the configuration of new processes is pretty straightforward. The more you interact with the software, the better it gets.

We’ve added a lot of modules that benefit our lab specifically, like a clinical test validation workflow. This was very helpful in an audit that we had recently. Without BizzMine, it would have been less easy and more fragmented because of the paperwork. I also like the pre-installed modules of BizzMine, because they really fulfill a lot of the general quality needs for you, in terms of documentation, incidents reporting, customer complaints… These preconfigured or pre-installed modules are actually very good.

The implementation of the software was excellent. It was fantastic, to be honest. The whole process is really good and we've had almost instantaneous support. The response from the team was great and I really enjoyed working with the support team so far. They're very quick to respond and they've helped us a lot in implementing BizzMine.

So far, having BizzMine has been a fantastic experience and it's a great piece of software.


Dr. Ghadir Almuhaini, Clinical Scientist
Anwa Medical Labs