BizzMine eQMS, a very intuitive tool for H.Essers

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Logistics service provider H.Essers offers personalized and integrated transport and logistics solutions throughout Europe. BizzMine was successfully implemented for the digital management of documents and CAPAs. Lynn Ackermans and Jurgen De Beer testify about the user-friendliness of the software.

You start your day with BizzMine and if you follow the correct procedure, there is no way you can go on working with a wrong or outdated document.

With BizzMine we manage the quality of our business much more efficiently than before when everything had to be done on paper. Now that our document control is digitally organized, it is much easier to have all work instructions approved. It used to take weeks to complete a workflow, but now that it's much faster, we can begin official training right away. BizzMine is of great importance to us, especially because we work on different sites.

The fact that the system notifies us when work instructions are about to expire and need to be revised is very useful. In BizzMine, we can simply click and sign off on managers' instructions and approvals. Through email reminders, we are alerted of tasks that are expiring, approvals that need to be done, and new versions that have been put live... In this way, we are always aware of the latest documents that we can use and we can inform our team about them. In the past, we had a flow of approval to put documents on disk. Today, there is a rule that says that you always work within BizzMine, because that way you know exactly which documents you need and where you can look for and find them.

Since we also work with medical goods, it is critical for us to work with the correct versions of the documents. We are strictly bound by GDP regulations and must follow strict rules for documentation. With BizzMine, we can be sure that we meet these requirements.

We also find the software particularly user-friendly. For example, if you forget to enter something in a new document, you will be clearly warned and made aware of the missing step. This way you can quickly correct your own mistake. Also the fact that we can work with different groups of approvers or editors per warehouse or per customer saves us a lot of time and thinking.

Since the launch of BizzMine, we have conducted several audits, each time with good results. Of course, it is still our job to provide the necessary instructions, but being able to present them in one format makes it much easier and clearer. During the audit, you can easily show the requested work instructions and open and view the document with a simple click.

Besides, we have never really needed support. We got training in the beginning and if we have questions, we can go to our own BizzMine team on the other site. A clear proof that BizzMine is a very intuitive tool!


Jurgen De Beer, Quality Administrator
Lynn Ackermans, Team Leader Logistics


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