The value of BizzMine for DSV Solutions

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As a subsidiary of DSV Global, DSV Solutions offers additional services related to logistics activities. On behalf of major customers from various sectors (pharmaceutical, automotive, and others), they offer rework, temporary storage, and delivery of goods. This Belgian branch of the global logistics company specialises in diversified solutions with a broad support base. Application engineer Kevin De Bot shows how BizzMine plays a good role in this.

Thanks to BizzMine, we can do more work with the same number of employees.
The need for a digital QMS system

We used to just have a simple folder structure for managing our documents manually. When the need to digitise arose, we chose Vivaldi 5.0, the software platform that preceded BizzMine. This quality management software allowed us to integrate a controlled system for improved document and audit management. It also made it easier for us to achieve our ISO standards.

We have migrated from Vivaldi 5.0 to BizzMine because we wanted to develop the workflow part within the organisation. The workflow module in BizzMine is indeed very user-friendly, quick to set up, and easy to integrate.

"Our end users can easily work with BizzMine from 1 application in different work environments."

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BizzMine is used for a variety of internal processes

We now have also set up a variety of operational processes in BizzMine.
For example, we have integrated a purchase order process where purchase order requests to suppliers can be easily validated and tracked. Responsibilities are determined based on a few parameters. In the case of a positive evaluation, the purchase order request is processed; in the case of a negative evaluation, we receive a clear overview of the reasons for the rejection.

BizzMine is also a useful tool for transportation requests, especially related to our express services. When customer service needs to provide a delivery in addition to the fixed schedule, clear and structured communication can be made with the transport staff. This avoids possible discussions afterward.

"With BizzMine's workflow module, we can establish communication between different departments in a very structured way."

Before, when all communication was done via mail, we often wasted a lot of time on ping-pong mail for customs requests. In BizzMine, we can easily create a clear digital form where the applicant has to enter the mandatory data before the document can go to customs. In this way, we process the many additional customs applications that have arisen as a result of Brexit in a very efficient manner and with the same number of employees.

"Thanks to BizzMine, we can do more work with the same number of employees."

Future BizzMine project 

Today we are preparing an interesting mapping file. We use BizzMine to measure internally on which systems the different applications in our organisation are connected. We are already getting the first results with this and want to use this as a basis to create a similar system mapping toward customers as well. This will also lead to a clear overview of results, which we will present via integration with Power BI and Insight. This way we can offer a total solution within our organisation.

Customer Service by BizzMine

Finally, in terms of service and support, BizzMine is a top supplier.
We get very quick responses to support tickets as well as clear explanations and good guidance. And BizzMine is a very stable application: the software has never given us any technical problems.


Kevin De Bot, Application Engineer





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