How these 6 Processes can change the direction of your business

how to maintain optimal use of qms with suppliers

Every business wants to move onward and upward, but at times processes and their associated pathways can get messy. In particular, there seems to be 6 main areas of process stress which, alarmingly, cover quite a number of potential internal breakdowns.

Your future business strategies depend on efficient and effective business processes. If the following 6 standard processes can be observed and bettered, your organization will gain a better view to identifying opportunities and future successes.

Customer Complaints

No one likes to hear negative feedback, especially when we may truly believe our customer satisfactionhas improved immensely from what it may have been years before.

Regardless of how we view complaints, the truth is that perception is reality. How an organization is perceived is the foundation to improved understanding of the expectation customers have of your business and your people. Know every complaint and what’s being done about it. Having a process for this most important of realizations is fundamental in improving and recognizing customer service standards. By serving your business well, you are on your way to serving your customers well.

Supplier Complaints

Your suppliers are also your customers. All relationships can and will suffer from lack of correct processes, and an organizations supplier network is no exception.

Whether it is one provider or a complete chain, complaints from suppliers need an equal amount of attention. No matter if it’s an unpaid invoice, or personnel attitude, a complete and flowing internal process that caters to the issues from beginning to final resolution is the only way to keep, and build on supplier confidence.

Internal Defects

What do you think internal failure costs your organization each year? Can you even put a figure on it?

The costs of scrapping projects and associated down-time due to quality problems can set back a business plan by months, even years. Internal defects can be identified through your organization’s inspection, appraisal, and quality management processes. But what if you don’t have any processes? You might want to think seriously about remedying that.

simple tool for identification of key areas and their potential for misuse or malfunction will aid in continued improvement processes and contingency planning.

CAPA (Corrective & Preventative Actions)

Ok so you’ve identified an issue, now what?

Sometimes we need to look inward, especially when nasties turn up unexpectedly. An effective process can help you do just that. Being reactive is not ideal, but sometimes it’s all you have, and an established step by step process for correcting problems, is the best way to ensure they won’t darken your door again.

You will need a solution right from the start to enable correct analysis of where problems are, and to put your business on the path to rectification. Scheduling updates and planning for the unforeseen forces you to address adverse possibilities before they become the time consuming, day-ruining reality of your day. Proactive processes are simply a smarter way to do business. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, ‘work smarter, not harder?’

I’m sure that declaration was born from continually putting out fires, when perhaps a business should have been able to identify them before the smoke became evident. A great process can prevent management from having to adorn the fireman’s hat. Unless, of course, you like that kind of thing.


Compliance is a reality in most organizations, no matter in which field or level your business lies, and nothing creates more angst than an auditor’s presence, and imminent ball-point wielding. Especially the red kind.

Having a structure to assist with all your compliance needs, will free your management up to concentrate on high level priorities and growth strategies. Look for a solution that complies with the requirements of all industry-specific and generic ISO standards for Quality, Health and Safety and management systems. There’s no need to get tangled up in unnecessary regulatory worries. Save your own time, and that of your people by having the processes in place that takes you by the hand, albeit kicking and screaming, and leads you to the wonderful world of compliance.

Incidents (and Accidents)

Documenting health and safety related incidents is, of course, paramount to the wellbeing of your staff. Secondly, being able to identify the root cause of accidents and potential risks is invaluable for an organization, from a prevention viewpoint.

Interaction with a process solution that allows for seamless incident reporting and hazard analytics can render you immediately compliant with regulatory obligations you may face. It really is a win-win for a business owner and their staff to have an established protocol, coupled with easy to use, and stress free systems. An organization’s direction is derived from a number of things, with every process a cog in the mechanics that drives your business.

Having smooth workflows, leading to compliant management is the ultimate goal to see your business focus on the future. Incorrect or non-existent processes can see any organization’s direction become confused.

What’s needed is effective solution partnering that will see these procedures become like finely tuned machines. Trouble free motoring, for management and staff alike, is not beyond your reach.

You are in good company