The right software for your Quality Management in 6 steps.


A solid structure, a clear overview, and complete centralization of all data are the core concepts of an efficient quality system. At the same time, this is the threefold answer to the question of why you should digitize your QMS. Choosing the right quality software for a successful digital story is not always easy. This 6-step blog is a useful guide.


1.    Think also of the day after tomorrow.

First of all, go for a quality system that can grow with the needs of your organization. Software that can be used off the shelf can also quickly outgrow your management system. For example, a ready-made but fixed system may be a good short-term solution, but it becomes much more difficult as the environment grows. A simple application is often not used for more complex data involving many employees.

“Our organization does not have to adapt to BizzMine, because BizzMine adapts to our organization.” Christeyns France.


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2.    Choose the golden mean.

On the other hand, it is certainly not the intention to have to go through an implementation that takes months or years, such as with cumbersome ERP systems.

"We can do it ourselves" is also not the perfect motto with regard to quality software. The development of an internal custom application or SharePoint implementation can lead to a lot of frustration. Often the expertise is lacking, and you have to invent everything yourself. Moreover, the shortage of internal resources in many companies leads to a turnaround time of more than a year and a perfectly finished system is certainly not always a guarantee. Subsequent adjustments often take a long or eternal time, so that the end-users of the application finally drop out. And what if the employee who wrote the tool suddenly found the other job of his life?

“The ideal scenario lies between a ready-to-use system that is too simple and time-consuming and therefore expensive custom-developed software.”


3.    To measure is to know.

With a good digital quality system, you can map various QMS processes and optimize the activities of your organization. It gets even better when the business processes are related to each other. For example, because CAPAs are linked to audits, complaints, and non-conformities, you get a clearer overview of what is going on within your quality system. Strong visual and statistical insight significantly improves any business.

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. There must be the will to produce a superior thing.”– John Ruskin.


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4.    Think broadly.

Moreover, software that you can also use for a broader scope of business processes completes the digitization of your quality management system. This allows you to easily integrate lean management systems for safety and the environment, as well as workflow processes for various other departments such as HR, sales, procurement, etc.

And if you can also exchange data with other systems within the company - think of ERP, CRM, and the like - then you're all right. Quality software should not be an island but bridges all other business processes.

“You can easily adapt BizzMine to your needs.” DeLaval Belgium.

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5.    In the Cloud or not?

Are we going for software in the Cloud or do we prefer to manage the system on our own servers? Both options have advantages and disadvantages and the final choice must be determined by the nature of your organization, not by the software. Choose an application that is available in both the cloud and on-premises and easily switch from one to another if necessary.

“BizzMine works on all devices and is available in the Cloud or on your own server.”


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6.    The value of compliance.

The implementation of a quality management system has an impact on every aspect of business performance. Compliance with sector-specific legislation and regulations is a determining factor in the success. It is therefore essential that the software with which you manage the quality system is fully compliant with the standards of your company.

“It has been proved that both the BizzMine software and the customized applications are able to be qualified for use in a pharmaceuticals environment.” Carbogen Amcis.


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