The added value of VARIO for P.D.S. Installation company


P.D.S. contacted us because they were looking for help in obtaining a VCA* certificate.  They were also looking for a way to centralize and organize all their documents.  

After a non-binding, very pleasant demo, they chose our VARIO tool. For them, the option of also being able to call on our other services was absolutely added value.  Now they are very happy with the program. No more dragging around 20 overstuffed folders—everything is always on hand, and they receive automatic emails that remind them of specific items on the to-do list.


Excellent service and guidance

P.D.S. assembles, installs, and maintains automatic sliding doors and turnstiles. They can provide you with a tailor-made solution for any pedestrian access point you wish to automate.

Regardless of the specific requirements of the location, they can propose a stylish intervention in keeping with the architecture of your building. In addition to the technical qualities of their sliding door systems, they also attach great importance to the way in which their products can be integrated into existing structures.

Mevr. Vicky Dewilde,  General Manager -  P.D.S Installation Company


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